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We get asked a lot of questions about our products and services, some of the most commonly asked are answered here.

General Questions

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  • How much do they cost to hire?

    This depends on the size and type of your event and therefore which products you require. It also depends on how far your venue is from our depots and whether your event is to be held at a peak time of year.

    Please contact us for a quotation specific to your event.

  • Will it smell?

    The facilities contain automatic air fresheners and a sweet smelling chemical is used in the toilets themselves. Providing the toilets are not used in excess of their stated capacity (see range), then there should be no unpleasant smell at all.

  • Can you provide an attendant service?

    Yes, we can provide one or more attendants depending on the size of your event. Our attendants are smartly dressed and have a good technical knowledge in the unlikely event that problems arise on site. Their main duty is usually to keep the facilities in pristine condition throughout the event.

  • What facilities do I need to provide at the venue?

    Standard and disabled access portable toilet units are fully self contained and do not need any on site facilities.

  • If equipment is accidentally damaged who is responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement?

    The hirer (client) is liable for any damaged equipment and will be invoiced accordingly.

    You are responsible for the equipment until returned to us or collected by us.


Portable Toilet FAQs

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  • What Size Is A Standard Portable Toilet

    Height: 2286mm (90″)
    Width: 1118mm (44″)
    Depth: 1219mm (48″)
    Weight: 84kg (185lbs) when empty

  • What Size Is A Standard Disabled Access Toilet

    Height (outside) 86.5″ 2200mm
    Width (outside) 61.0″ 1600mm
    Depth (outside) 61.0″ 1600mm
    Tank capacity 40 gallons 151 litres
    Weight 280 lbs 127 kilos
    Door opening 35.5″ x 73.5″ 900mm x 1900mm

  • Do the portable toilets need servicing during my event?

    For a typical event such as a wedding or private party that lasts for no more than 12 hours, the portable toilet will not require any servicing. However, if your event occurs over several days or you are hosting an event with very large numbers of guests then servicing on site may be necessary. This can be discussed at the time of your enquiry.

  • When will the portable toilets arrive on site?

    Your delivery and installation time can be discussed at the time of your booking. Usually the portable toilets will arrive one or two days prior to your event at an agreed time.

    If you require delivery further in advance this should be stated during the booking process.

  • How will the portable toilets arrive on site?

    Our portable toilets are delivered to site with a 4×4 and trailer or a van and trailer.

    Our luxury toilet trailers are delivered using a 4×4.

Fencing FAQs

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  • Where is temporary fencing mandatory?

    Contact your local authority for your local regulations. Most have regulations regarding the installation of enclosed fencing to reduce the spread of dust and materials from building sites as well as protecting the public and contractors from potentially dangerous areas.

  • Are you able to supply a heavy vehicle access gate wider than the panels?

    Yes, we stock 6m wide heavy vehicle access gates which are commonly used on building or civil engineering sites.

  • Does North West Portables just supply fencing or do you install as well?

    We can provide an erection service, but there will be a charge.  Each job is individually priced.

  • What is temporary fencing typically used for?

    • Public Safety – preventing site operations within the area from impacting outside, by preventing debris, rubbish and materials from escaping from the work site.
    • Security – restriction of access to unauthorized persons to restricted areas, events and work sites.
    • Privacy – containing equipment and materials. Restricting visual access to events.
  • Can we install the fences ourselves?

    Yes you can. It is best to use 2 people when installing the 3 metre length fences, and 1 or 2 people for the 2.2 metre fences.

  • Can we put shade-cloth (dust suppression) on the fences?

    Yes you can, but not without proper precautions and planning. Contact us to discuss the possible options.

  • Do you have small gateways for the fence line?

    Yes we have specialised man-gates for pedestrian access only.

  • Can I pick the fencing up from the yard?

    This is an option for account customers only. Just give us a call to organise a time.

  • Do you sell fencing or just hire it

    North West Portables sell both new and used fence panels, feet + clips.  We nearly always have new panels in stock, but used are subject to availability.

Welfare Unit FAQs

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  • How will the unit arrive on site and what access do you need?

    The welfare unit will be towed to site, our units do not need the added costs involved with cranes or hi-abs but do require vehicular access.

  • How many people is a welfare unit designed for?

    A welfare unit is designed for between 6 and 8 people depending on the specific unit ordered.

Luxury Toilet Trailer FAQs

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  • What facilities do I need to provide at the venue?

    Water:  The luxury loos that we supply are fully self-contained and come with their own fresh water tank. For events of an extended duration this may require topping up with an on-site supply, or via our service unit. However, under normal usage no water will be required.

    Electric:  The loos require a 13 amp electricity supply (one for each trailer unit). Nothing else should be allowed to run of the same socket for the duration of your event. If you do not have access to mains electricity on site we can advise on the provision of a suitable generator.

    Drainage:  As the toilet trailers are fully self-contained, there is no need for any drainage facility on site.

    Access to the site:  Your intended site should be easily accessible, and as flat as possible. However, the luxury toilet trailers are quite manoeuvrable and we will always do our best to site it exactly where you want it and to make up any height difference during installation. If you think that your site may cause problems then please alert us at the time of your booking enquiry and we will be able to conduct a site visit if necessary.

  • Is it possible to view the units prior to hiring?

    Yes, you are welcome to visit our premises to inspect the available units and discuss your requirements.  Please call us to organise an appointment.

Lighting Tower FAQs

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  • Does it come fuelled?

    Lighting towers arrive fully fuelled and need to be fully fuelled on return or a refuelling charge will be incurred.